Study in Canada: A Guide for International Students


In 2022, the Canadian government settled a long-standing child welfare case in which evidence of long-standing discriminatory practices against First Nation families in the country’s child welfare and family support system was shown. Ontario has eliminated performance pay for teachers, but teachers can be penalized for unsatisfactory ratings on the TPA. Teachers who receive two unsatisfactory ratings are placed under review status and given an Improvement Plan; a third unsatisfactory rating is grounds for a recommendation for termination by their principal to the school board.

Other key changes include an increased focus on inclusive education and incorporating Indigenous perspectives. In 2021, the Canadian government announced a new federal program to build a system to provide high quality, affordable childcare across the country. The federal government will contribute CAN$30 billion (USD$23 billion) to this initiative with a goal of providing $10/day childcare by 2026, which would reduce fees by 50 percent nationally. Federal funding will be used to reduce parent fees, expand the number of licensed childcare spaces, and provide professional development for early childhood educators. canada high school online and territories will contribute additional funding to match the federal contributions.

Canada School

There are many opportunities to get involved with your child’s education. Many schools have Parent-Teacher Associations where parents can volunteer their time into things like fundraising and event-planning. If you’re looking for a smaller commitment, you may be able to find opportunities to act as a chaperone on field trips or at school events. Finally, you can attend parent-teacher conferences throughout the school year.

What is the Application Process for a Canadian Study Permit?

The Ministry can issue administrative directives and deploy special advisory teams to assist districts as needed. These team-based supports are designed to promote capacity building and encourage continuous improvement. Canada has much in common with its larger neighbor to the south, but their student performance has significantly outpaced that of the United States. The stronger performance of Canada is not, as some might assume, due to fewer immigrants or to a centrally directed education system.

Which Canadian University is Right for Me?

The University of Fredericton is the newest university to receive designation in New Brunswick. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms includes provisions that guarantee English and French first language schools, and reaffirms the pre-existing right of separate schools where applicable. Even if the subject you want to study is more common, you’ll want to make sure that the schools you are considering offer it. View online course catalogs from the schools you are interested in and browse their websites. Many Canadian teaching practices with English-learners are similar to those used in U.S. classrooms. But, just as with funding in the U.S., there is variation from district to district and state to state in how English-learners are taught.

Twenty-six high school students are in a quiet, darkened classroom, eyes closed and breathing in unison. On the other side of the door is a busy hallway teeming with students on lunch break at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. When the students move on to do stretches, there are faint giggles as they bump into each other. This is a ‘Mind Your Mind’ class for 15- to 18-year-olds, meant to reduce stress and promote mental health.

For example, districts receive funding to provide summer learning, which can include remedial courses. The 2020 Framework for Enhancing Student Learning requires districts and schools to develop local partnerships to address the needs of struggling student populations, including Indigenous students. Indigenous students are a traditionally underserved group across Canada, and there have been efforts at the federal level to better support this community for the last decade.

Are often organized by schools for students to visit places that are relevant to their education. They include places such as museums, workplaces, cultural institutions, and city neighbourhoods. Are activities that take place before and after school, or during lunch hours.

However, the United Nations Human Rights Committee has ruled that Ontario’s system is discriminatory, suggesting that Ontario either fund no faith-based schools, or all of them. In 2002 the government of Mike Harris introduced a controversial program to partially fund all private schools, but this was criticized for undermining the public education system and the program was eliminated after the Liberals won the 2003 provincial election. Compared to other countries in the past, Canada has had the highest tertiary school enrollment as a percentage of their graduating population. Kindergarten programs are available for children in all provinces in Canada and are typically offered as one-year programs for students who turn five in that year. However, the provinces of Nova Scotia, the Northwest Territories, Ontario, and Quebec operate two-year kindergarten programs, with the first year beginning at the age of four.

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