A Step-by-Step Guide to the Rental Application Process



Your search for an apartment has already started; before finding your ideal place, you looked at several properties online and requested walkthroughs throughout the city. So what? You’re getting one step closer to moving in when the process for applying for rentals at Ina City Apartment. We put together a brief overview of the apartment application procedure and what to anticipate from it.

Complete a lease application:

Let’s start with the fundamentals: the actual apartment application. After choosing a property, the following action is to the property management by completing a rental application. A separate lease application is required for each renter who wishes to move to Ina City Apartment, regardless of whether you have a co-signer or are planning to live with housemates.

Pay the application fee for an apartment:

The application fee pays for potential tenant’s credit and background checks. In essence, it pays for the applicant’s screening expenses.The actual rent application cost varies depending on several variables, including the neighbourhood, the structure, and the landlord.

Be prepared for credit and background checks:

You will probably ask to consent to a background and credit check as part of the rental application process. Apartment background checks often concentrate on criminal history and may go back as far as a landlord thinks necessary.

You must provide proof that you can afford the rent:

One of the essential steps in the rental application procedure is to present proof of employment or income. Most landlords will request copies of tax returns, recent pay stubs, or other employer-provided documentation.

Various Charges For Long-Term Rentals:

Reserved Space Fee:

It is a guarantee for both parties that you will rent the flat from the lessor and that the lessor won’t rent it to someone else. After you’ve signed the rental contract, this fee will return to you.


It is comparable to paying one or two months in advance to cover any necessary repairs for any damage you might have caused while renting. The deposit is also used for small interior renovations and cleaning services.

Service Cost :

It is the cost you will incur if you decide to work with a real estate agent to find an apartment for rent on your behalf. This money is non-refundable.

Key Fund :

The “greeting money,” which is often equal to one or two months’ worth of rent and gets provided to the lessor as a mark of gratitude for allowing you to rent their apartment, is not refundable.










賃貸申し込み手続きの重要なステップの 1 つは、雇用または収入の証明を提示することです。ほとんどの家主は、納税申告書、最近の給与明細、または雇用主が提供するその他の書類のコピーを要求します。



あなたが賃貸人からアパートを借りること、伊那 アパート および賃貸人が他人に賃貸しないことは、双方にとっての保証となります。レンタル契約に署名した後、この料金はお客様に返還されます。


これは、レンタル中に発生した可能性のある損傷に対して必要な修理をカバーするために、1 か月または 2 か月前に支払うことに匹敵します。デポジットは、小さなインテリアの改修やクリーニング サービスにも使用されます。

サービス費用 :



多くの場合、家賃の 1 ~ 2 か月分に相当する「挨拶金」は、アパートを借りることを許可してくれた感謝のしるしとして賃貸人に提供されますが、返金されません。

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